“I’ve had a couple of massages now with the lovely Georgie, both of which were carefully tailored to what my body needed. As a tattooist i will generally have aches and pains attributed to my job and so these are the areas we focus on the most. It’s a very different type of massage to what I have had before but it works so amazingly. Especially work on my dominant hand which I have trouble with due to holding heavy tattoo machines all day everyday. It really really is a game changer and is something I’m going to keep going back to for sure as the ongoing work on my back is really effective as is the Trigger point therapy. Georgie herself is very calming and easy to talk to and made me feel really comfortable. She has a lot of knowledge on the body which made me feel in very capable hands . The mood created before the massage takes place is perfect and after wards I literally felt like I was gliding home! Highly recommend”

–  E l l a ,  B r i g h t o n


“I went to see Georgie for a massage recently for some relief from my shoulder pain. During my consultation I mentioned that I was also suffering from frequent headaches and Georgie was confident she could help with those too. After that first session, not only did my shoulder feel so much better, I had a full week free from headaches, my sleep improved and I feel overall calmer in my everyday life. Wow – what a result! Can’t recommend this highly enough! Georgie is extremely professional and clearly knows her stuff, but is also warm, open and very easy to talk to. A fantastic experience and one that I would recommend to everyone! Thank you Georgie”

–  L i z ,   L o n d o n